Browns Business College

Browns Business College

Annual Graduating Exercises


List of classmates of the Annual Graduating Exercises from Browns Business College, Bloomington, McLean, Illinois, Class of 1914. The Graduation was held Thursday evening, October 22, 1914 at 8:15 at the Unitarian Church located at 209 N East Street.

Student Name Course of Study
Lewis Adams Combined
Lillian Aden Stenotypy
Mary Rosanna Ader Combined
Harry F Admire, Dir. Stenographic Dept Faculty
Thomas Agnew Combined
Robert E Alverson, Bookkeeping Dept Faculty
Martha Esther Armstrong Stenotypy
William Irvin Bright Combined
Helen Rebecca Brooke Shorthand
Ima Irene Brooke Shorthand
Henry Carlson Combined
Louise Cecelia Cleary Shorthand
Una Agnes Conclin Shorthand
Osmond Condon Shorthand
Mattie Gay Crump Combined
Andrus Dunbar Bookkeeping
Josephine Vaughn Dunegan Combined
Rosalie Ermine Dunlap Shorthand
Ruth Allen Evans Shorthand
Lucile Forgey Shorthand
Thomas Emmett Freed Bookkeeping
Irene Pearl Funk Shorthand
Parke Harrison   Combined
Fannie Isabell Havens Stenotypy
Fannie I Havens, Office Practice Dept Faculty
H E Head, Superintendent Faculty
Margaret Marie Henklemen Shorthand
Mignon House Combined
Stanley Claude Johnson Combined
Roy E Kinder Combined
Bertha A Lebkuecher, Stenographic Dept Faculty
Julia Ling Shorthand
George Locke Bookkeeping
Maurice H Marius, Principal Dir. Bookkeeping Faculty
Lawrence McDonald Combined
George D Miller Combined
Ruth Minch Stenotypy
Leslie Edwin Mool Bookkeeping
Emma M L Mueller Combined
Millie E Naffziger Shorthand
Fred Lyndon Ong Combined
Elva Mae Payne Combined
R H Peck, Superintendent Faculty
Maurice Pierce Combined
Clara Christine Price Shorthand
Grant McPhern Ridenour Bookkeeping
George Hameline Schafer Shorthand
Rhomilda Louise Schell Shorthand
Sarah Scrogin Stenotypy
Edna Maurine Settles Stenotypy
Frank Clayton Sherman Combined
Isla Catharine Spence Shorthand
James E Tobin Stenotypy
Ferre C Watkins Combined
Mary Wertz Shorthand
Russel Polk Young Combined
John J Ziemens Shorthand

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