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Finding free family tree templates can be a tedious task for anyone looking to trace their family history. Whether it is for a school project or for tracing your family’s genealogy, family trees are an important part of that process. Most websites will try to charge for or require you to sign up for access to these common templates. In the sections below you will find various printable family trees that will help you get started in tracing your roots. Please let me know through comments if you have any requests or need help in how to fill out one of the family tree forms. In order to print out the forms, please click on the form and print out the full version form the window that opens. Bookmark this site because more templates will be added over time and some of the templates will be uploaded with a PDF version that you can fill out.

This is one of the more common Family Tree Templates, this one is called a 6 generation pedigree family tree chart that is able to track your information back several generations.

Family Tree 6 Generation Template

This is a very unique template, the family tree bowtie chart, but will allow you to trace your family history and see it differently.

Bowtie Tree Template

This is a traditional Family tree template, this version is fun for the kids to fill out. Getting the kids involved will help teach them about their ancestors.

Family Tree Template

Please leave any questions or comments that you may have below in the comments section. If you have anything that you are looking for, please leave the request below.


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