TSHUDY Family History


Tshudy family history begins in America with the Patriarch having been Henry Tshudy, of Swiss descent, who settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and was among the early founders of the town of Lititz (apprx 6 miles north of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Among Henry’s sons was Christian, who married and among Christian’s children a son, Matthias.

Matthias, who resided in Lititz, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, married Miss Catherine Blickensderfer, of the same place, and had four children who survived, Salome (Mrs. Huebuer), Mary (Mrs Leibert), Jacob B and Pauline.

Jacob B, the only son of Matthias and Catherine (Blickensderfer) Tshudy, was born Nov 30, 1805, in Litiz. This place continued to be his residence, where he engaged in mercantile pursuits, and was also interested in the lumber business and proprietor of the Litiz Malt-House. He was largely identified with the commercial prosperity of the place of his residence, and one of its most influential citizens.

Jacob B served two terms as County Auditor, and was for several years a member of the Board of Prison Inspectors of Lancaster County. He represented his county in the State Board of Revenue Commissioners, was for a long series of years a Director of the Farmers’ National Bank of Lancaster; served as Treasurer of the Reading and Columbia Railroad Company, and Treasurer of the Lancaster and Lititz Turnpike Company. Jacob B’s death occurred Nov 8, 1866.

Jacob B Tshudy married Miss Caroline Harbach, of Frederick County, Maryland, and had children, Sally C (Dr O T Huebner), of Lancaster, and whose death occurred in 1856; Richard R, also deceased; Haydn H; Mary A ( E P Blickensderfer) of Cleveland, Ohio. Jaocb B was in his political predilections a Whig, and naturally gravitated to the ranks of the Republican Party on its organization. 210

Richard R Tshudy, son of  Jacob B Tshudy and Caroline Harback, was educated at Lititz Academy and Nazareth Hall, and was by occupation a civil engineer. He was a zealous Democrat, and for many years Chairman of the Democratic County Committee of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He was twice elected School Director of the Lititz School District, which is stongly Republican, and also elected Justice of the Peace, receiving a majority of fifty-three over his Republican opponent, while the balance of the Republican ticket was elected by two hundred and seventy-seven majority. In 1874, Richard R was the Democratic candidate for Senator from the Northern District of Lancaster County, and though unsuccessful, ran far ahead of this ticket. Richard R died in June, 1878, aged forty-three years, leaving one son, Robert Haydn.

Haydn H, son of  Jacob B Tshudy and Caroline Harback, was born June 12, 1840, in Lititz, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where the years of this youth were spent. The Lititz Academy afforded him early educational opportunities, after which his studies were completed at Nazareth Hall, in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Having decided upon an active business life, Haydn H entered the store of Hager Brothers, in Lancaster, and devoted a period of four years to familiarizing himself with its routine, after which he returned to Lititz and entered the office of his father, Jacob B, who was then Treasurer of the Reading and Columbia Railroad. For a time, Haydn H also filled the office of ticket-agent for this railroad. On the retirement of this father, Haydn H Tshudy succeeded to his mercantile interest, and had been actively engaged in business operations.

Haydn H was married in 1868 to Miss Emma J Hull, daughter of Dr Levi Hull, an early practitioner in Lititz, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The children of Haydn  and Emma Tshudy were Mary H, Harry R, E Carrie, Laura L, Haydn H [Jr], and two who died in infancy. Haydn H Tshudy, both in his business and political relations, had been a representative citizen of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He was affiliated with the Republican Party, and was honored as its representative in the State Legislature during the sessions for 1873-1874. He served on the Committees on Railroads, Vice and Immorality, Corporations, and Accounts.

Haydn H was greatly interested in the cause of education, and represented the School Board of his borough since his first election in 1864. He also held the office of Notary Public. He was a Director of the Lancaster and Lititz Turnpike Company, and also of the Manheim Mutual Fire Insurance Company.

The religious creed of the family is that of the church of the Moravians. Haydn H Tshudy being a trustee of the church at Lititz, and an active worker in the Sunday-school, which had for years engaged his attention.

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