WEBB Family History


Benjamin H Webb, who owns and occupies a comfortable farm estate on section 15, Dry Grove Township, is a native of McLean County, Illinois and was born March 3, 1832. His parents were Stephen D and Penina (Hinshaw) Webb

Benjamin H WebbBenjamin H Webb was married to Miss Mary A Dickens on March 3, 1857. Mary A (Dickens) Webb was born in McLean County, Illinois, October 9, 1837, and is the daughter of William and Elizabeth (Cleveland) Dickens. Of the union of Benjamin H and Mary A (Dickens) Webb there have been born seven children, who are recorded as follows: Warren married Miss Mary E Johnson, and they have one child, Willie, who was born in February, 1885; Jenetta (John D) Lamb, has four children Oliver, Park, Etta and Warren; Hattie (Charles) Hatfield ; Charlotte, Elizabeth, Edith and Florence are at home with their parents.

Benjamin H Webb is the possessor of 240 acres of fine farming land, and has given much attention to the raising of fine stock. He has been a prominent man in the township and has served the people with credit in the various offices with which they have entrusted him. He was elected Supervisor in 1874, and politically is a stanch supporter of the Democratic party. He has made the most of his opportunities in life, and his well-informed mind has been greatly benefited by traveling over various portions of the United States and keeping his eyes open to what is going on around him in the world at large. Benjamin H Webb is not identified with any church organization but aims to make the Golden Rule the basis of his daily life, lives at peace with his fellow-men and as becomes a law-abiding and worthy citizen.

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