YORDY Family History


YORDY, PETER, farmer; Secs. 13 and 24;  P. O. Roanoke; was born in  Alsace,  France  (now  Germany), June 12, 1815; he married Miss Mary Burkey February 9, 1847; she was born in Germany, in 1816; they had eight children, seven living — Christian. Mary, Jacob, Elizabeth, Peter, Joseph. Barbara; he lived in Alsace two years, then moved to Byron, in Germany; lived there until 1838, when he came to the United States; in 1839, he came to Illinois, settled in Tazewell County, Illinois, followed farming; in 1867, he came to Woodford County, Illinois, and settled in Linn Township, on his present place; he came to the United States without any capital; he now owns 200 acres in this township.

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